TURIN – Audi AG is planning to make a big splash at next week’s Frankfurt auto show, where it is constructing a 65,000-sq.-ft. (6,000 sq.-m) stand to show off 34 vehicles, including five world premieres, as part of its centennial celebration.

Among world debuts will be the new A5 Sportback and R8 Spyder (an open-top version of the car), as well as what the auto maker describes as insights into the electric mobility of tomorrow. That could include a rumored hybrid or full-electric version of the R8 sports car.

Also featured will be the A4 TDI clean diesel and A3 1.2L TFSI.

Audi will employ 90 trucks to ship in some 254 tons (230 t) of steel, 6,000 sq.-ft. (560 sq.-m) of glass, 42 miles (67 km) of electric cable and 1,400 spotlights to construct the stand, which will have taken 300 workers 25 days around the clock to assemble.

The 2-story stand will span 282 ft. (86 m) in length and 151 ft. (46 m) in width. At its center will be a huge heart housing historical exhibits highlighting various Audi innovations, including its TDI diesel engine technology and lightweight body construction. A polished-chrome R8 will draw visitors to the display.

Staffing the exhibit will be 85 event hosts, trained to provide product details to show visitors, expected to number about 750,000.

The stand, which took 12 months to plan, also incorporates three catered lounges.