More stories related to New York Auto Show Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology team takes another bite out of the Big Apple with the introduction of the ’06 Dodge Charger SRT-8, which makes its debut at the New York International Auto Show.

SRT takes the new Dodge sedan to the extreme, with new front and rear fascias and the addition of a standard 6.1L Hemi V-8.

The most visible changes to the standard Charger are found in the SRT’s front fascia, where designers incorporated an aggressive hood scoop to better cool the engine. The front is further accentuated by a honeycomb grille insert and new air dam design to reduce lift.

“If this doesn’t get your heart pumping then you better check your pulse,” says Dan Knott, director of the SRT business. “Dodge SRTs have hood scoops and this is a functional hood scoop. It makes a really strong statement. We want people when they see a Dodge SRT to get scared.”

’06 Dodge Charger SRT-8

Inside, the ’06 Charger SRT-8 gets sport seats with improved bolster support to keep the driver and front passenger firmly planted during performance-driving maneuvers.

Because the Charger shares its basic underpinnings with the Chrysler 300 series, the SRT vehicles are no different.

“This is essentially the same suspension (as the 300C SRT-8), but this will be tuned for a Dodge feel,” says Knott. “It will be a little bit more sporty in the ride and a little bit more capable on the track. We will do the same on the (antilock brakes) and the (suspension’s electronic stability program), tune them for more of a Dodge feel than a Chrysler feel.”

What makes the Charger an SRT is what’s under the hood: The 6.1L Hemi, which produces 425 hp and 420 lbs.-ft. (569 Nm) of torque. To further differentiate the Charger’s 6.1L from that of the rest of the SRT line, the engine block will be painted orange, while the valve covers will feature a glossy black finish.

Chrysler says the limited production ’06 Charger SRT-8 will be available in the fourth-quarter 2005 and will be assembled alongside the rest of the LX rear-wheel-drive vehicle family at Chrysler’s Brampton, Ont., Canada, assembly plant.