Ed Peper, elevated to Chevrolet's top position in March, is overseeing the division complete a full-scale revamp of its product portfolio with the introduction of the '06 Impala.

“Chevrolet is an enormous enterprise,” says Peper, who worked with 1,500 dealers of all General Motors Corp. brands in his previous position as general sales manager for GM's Northeast region.

“We had 110 days' supply of vehicles before the employee discount program was launched,” Peper says. “We're at about 60 days right now, and that's perfect.

“We're in the best inventory situation in new models than we have been in a long time. Any business where you can get inventory down is great. Dealers want to buy a lot of vehicles now.”

GM is providing dealers with significant floor plan assistance, Peper admits. Currently, that amounts to two to three months of free floor planning for all models.

“Our goal is to turn inventory quick,” he says, noting that the top 20% of Chevrolet's 4,100 dealers account for 80% of the division's volume.

Peper hopes volume pricing — adjusted sticker prices that are closer to expected transaction prices — will wean the public off big incentives.

“We're not going to be the lowest price in every model, but we're going to be competitive,” he says.