Chrysler Group is looking to expand its global sales network of 1,400 outlets outside North America by about 100 dealerships over the next two years.

This week, about 70 international investors and dealers are visiting the auto maker’s Auburn Hills, MI, headquarters for a peek at future product plans and to listen to a pitch concerning the profit potential of a Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge franchise.

The latest recruitment effort, which involves prospective investors from 19 countries, including Russia, Japan and the Middle East, follows a similar program recently held in China that drew 140 dealers.

Chrysler is targeting a doubling of sales outside North America to more than 400,000 units annually in the next five years. Model offerings have grown from nine to 20 internationally since 1993, and Chrysler has tripled the number of vehicles available in right-hand drive to 18. Models powered by diesel engines have quadrupled to 16.

Through May, total deliveries outside North America are up 16% from like-2006 to 91,412 units.