Chrysler Group LLC recorded an 11.5% sales jump in August, compared with like-2009, despite the stimulus provided last year’s market by the “Cash for Clunkers” incentive program, according to Ward’s data.

The auto maker tallies 98,991 deliveries on a 25.6% boost in car sales and a 6.5% increase in light trucks.

Jeep recorded 25,706 unit sales, the largest contribution to Chrysler’s light-truck haul of 71,650, but the Grand Cherokee, redesigned-for-’11, suffered a 13.4% shortfall compared with August 2009.

The Ram brand’s fullsize pickups were Chrysler’s overall volume leader with 18,375 unit sales.

The Dodge Charger sedan’s 6,586 deliveries rivaled the 7,489-unit output of Chrysler brand’s entire car line, which consists of the Sebring midsize marque and the 300, a Charger platform-mate.

The 300, Charger and Sebring are among the models that will benefit from makeovers over the next several weeks as Chrysler works to reshape its lineup under the management control of Fiat Automobiles SpA.

Of last month’s performance, Ram-brand President and CEO Fred Diaz says: “We will continue to build on this momentum as we begin production on a stream of new product through the end of this year.”

Diaz also is Chrysler Group’s lead sales executive.

Through August, Chrysler sales were flat, compared with like-2009.

Ward’s data is adjusted to account for yearly differences in selling days.