Chrysler Corp. has no plans to alter its safety-laced marketing strategy for the '96 minivans even though there are claims the vehicles had problems with federally mandated crash tests. "The Chrysler minivan is among the safest vehicles on the road today," says Ted Cunningham, general manager-minivan operations and executive vice president-sales and marketing. He says Chrysler plans to tout safety in its marketing campaigns, and is educating dealers on new safety features, plus encouraging them to remind buyers to "buckle up" (see related story p. 67). Former Chrysler product planner Paul Sheridan claims the vehicles failed early crash tests. Fired for allegedly leaking the story to a trade publication, he is suing Chrysler and says the minivans failed an Oct. 14, 1994, test that required an unbelted dummy to withstand a 30-mph crash test without serious injury. Chrysler says minor adjustments were made and the vans later passed the test.