It's last call for Chrysler Prowlers in 2002. First offered only in purple, Chrysler will offer its final run of 300 Prowlers in Deep Candy Red.

“It's a color that will instantly be recognizable in the hot rod community,” says Tom Marinelli, Chrysler/Jeep brand vice president.

The Prowler first appeared as a concept car in 1993. It went into production five years ago as the Plymouth Prowler. It became the Chrysler Prowler when the Plymouth line was killed off in 2000.

“We anticipated a five-year run for Prowler when we started production,” says Marinelli. The last Prowler will be made this month in Detroit. About 11,000 have been sold in the last five years. Nine of 10 buyers are men, 70% married. The average buyer is an aging Baby Boomer of about 52 with a median income of $190,000.