Contrary to some media reports, Chrysler Group says it will not import B-segment vehicles from China.

However, the auto maker no longer is ruling out the possibility of importing vehicles from China over the long term, although a spokesman says no immediate plans exist to begin such a venture.

Chrysler earlier told Ward's it had “no intention” of importing vehicles in the U.S. from China and that comments made by a high-ranking executive at the Shanghai auto show alluding to the possibility were misconstrued by the media.

DC supervisory board member Rudiger Grube, head of DC's China operations, told reporters in Shanghai the auto maker was in talks to establish a production base in China to export B-segment vehicles to the U.S.

While the Chrysler spokesman tells Ward's there are no plans to import B-segment vehicles into the U.S. from China, he acknowledges the auto maker isn't ruling out importing vehicles from China altogether.