The resumption of output from two key Chrysler LLC assembly plants remains uncertain as the auto maker has yet to locate tooling essentially held hostage in a supplier dispute.

Chrysler tells Ward’s it obtained a court order to reclaim its tooling from Transcast Precision Inc. in Wallaceburg, ON, Canada, about 90 minutes northeast of Detroit.

Attempts to reach Transcast were unsuccessful, but media reports say the supplier stopped shipping parts because Chrysler balked at a price increase.

When the auto maker gained access to the site, which produces engine and transmission brackets, the tooling was missing, says spokesman Max Gates. Some of the tooling has since been recovered, but not enough to support output at Chrysler’s minivan plant in Windsor, ON, and a car plant in Brampton, ON.

There is no Ontario phone listing for Transcast. Calls to Solus Mfg. Ltd., its former incarnation, went unanswered.

As of today, the auto maker had lost more than 4,100 units of production, according to Ward’s data.

Meanwhile, Chrysler continues its efforts to recover the missing tooling, Gates says, adding there is no forecast date for restarting production.

Chrysler’s inventory shows has 60 days’ supply of its minivans, according to Ward’s.

Brampton is home to the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger fullsize sedans, and the Dodge Challenger muscle coupe. Through March, the auto maker’s days’ supply of those vehicles was 75, 68 and 61, respectively.