More stories related to Geneva Motor Show GENEVA – Chrysler Group says it currently is studying whether to expand its truck range to encompass commercial vehicles in the Class 4, 5 and 6 range.

The auto maker has no plans to partner with DaimlerChrysler AG sibling Freightliner LLC to develop the vehicles and would look to utilize its current Dodge Ram truck platform to fill the need.

There are studies going on involving trucks in the Class 4, 5 and 6 range, Eric Ridenour, head of Chrysler Group’s product development, tells Ward’s during an interview at the auto show here.

Chrysler will use Dodge Ram as basis of commercial truck platform.

“We have not made any formal announcements, but there are clearly studies within that range (to determine whether) it makes good sense to do that,” he says.

The products would not compete directly with Freightliner, Ridenour is quick to point out. He says Chrysler is looking at ways to modify its Ram platform to accommodate the added weights needed for the commercial vehicle market.

“There are adjustments that are going into those studies, from the standpoint of what it takes from the frame, to axles, to all the things necessary to make it competitive,” he says.

Ridenour says Chrysler will make a decision on whether to move forward with the commercial-vehicle plan before the end of the year: “It would be relatively soon,” he says.