PARIS – Automobiles Citroen names the concept car it will display at the upcoming Paris auto show after its corporate sponsor, Lacoste SA, the high-end apparel company most famous for its tennis shirts featuring an alligator logo.

The car also sports an alligator logo and other tennis-inspired style elements. But for Citroen fans, the graphics will be far less important than the open design that recalls the Mehari, a beach-buggy-like vehicle the auto maker produced from 1968 to 1988.

The concept shares with the Mehari a simplicity of design and minimalist approach.

Citroen says the Lacoste is “a vehicle whose will is to end the dictatorship of ‘always more’ that sometimes plagues the automotive world.”

It has neither doors nor much of a roof, and the windshield can be folded down, as with the Mehari . Passengers in the Lacoste enjoy the opposite of driving in a “protective bubble that cuts (them) off from the world,” Citroen says.

The small Lacoste has a 90.6-in. (230-cm) wheelbase and measures 136 ins. (345 cm) long, 70.7 ins. (180 cm) wide and 60 ins. (152 cm) high. Power will come from a 3-cyl. gasoline engine currently in development.

Production of the niche vehicle seems highly unlikely. However, to reach market the Lacoste would have to share mechanicals with another vehicle in PSA Peugeot Citroen’s stable, as the Mehari did with the legendary 2CV.

At last year’s Frankfurt auto show, Peugeot unveiled the tiny bb1 concept car that measures just 98.5 ins. (250 cm). The auto maker reportedly is mulling production of the 4-person vehicle.