More Supplier Survey Stories Do you think executives from Detroit's Big Three are asking for too much government support and not doing enough to control health-care costs themselves?

Supplier Comments

  • “The UAW health-care plan is not sustainable.”

  • “They should have formed the Big Three Insurance Co.”

OEM Comments

  • “Corporate America is bearing a burden that European governments carry. We need balance on national health care.”

  • “We need to hold the UAW accountable for competitive disadvantage.”

  • “I can't be the only one who thinks spending BILLIONS for health care is ridiculous!”

  • “Health-care costs are high because of the lawyers. Limit the outrageous awards, and health-care costs will come down. Or we could outlaw lawyers.”

Do blue-collar workers at your company appear willing to share more health-care costs?

Supplier Comments

  • “Sharing costs is better than no benefits.”

  • “Benefits are decreasing while premiums are increasing already.”

  • “Blue-collar workers don't understand they are competing with foreign labor.”

  • “Cuts in health insurance are a direct pay cut.”

  • “No one wants to pay more for less. Also, Tier 1 suppliers tend to resent Big Three employees' lucrative benefits and bonuses.”

OEM Comments

  • “Blue-collar workers must share health-care costs, or we will go bankrupt.”

  • “We are so used to getting something for nothing. It's about time we shoulder part of the burden and be responsible.”