What actions should the government take, if any, to prevent the outflow of manufacturing and white-collar jobs to low-cost regions?

Supplier Comments

  • “America needs to even the playing field for its manufacturers. It is easy for other countries that don’t have labor laws and environmental laws to offer cheap parts. Their governments also subsidize their manufacturing and tax foreign competition.”

  • “American business has to adapt, innovate, improvise and react to market realities. The U.S. government has to get out of the way.”

  • “Apply import tariffs to countries such as China that have unfair currency and/or trade barriers.”

  • “As long as there is inequality in the world, there will always be labor advantages in other countries.”

  • “Eliminate tax breaks for companies taking jobs out of the U.S. and give tax breaks to companies to keep work here.”

  • “I am not sure they should. They should ensure that the working conditions used to make imports meet minimal humanitarian requirements and pay is ‘acceptable’ per the locale of the supplier. The people in low-cost areas need jobs, too.”

  • “It is all about cost.”

  • “None. As painful as it is, I believe in a global economy. This is the only long-term way to end terrorism.”

  • “None. I believe the market will bear itself out and jobs will return to N. America. I do not believe the quality of goods and services are as good overseas nor are the cost savings as great as many believe them to be, especially when travel and overall risk are factored in to the equation.”

  • “Require companies that outsource to foreign countries to outsource the CEO position as well.”

  • “Take action that would require countries like China and India to raise environmental standards, worker safety, worker wages, reduce worker oppression.”

  • “Too late.”

OEM Comments

  • “Adopt John Kerry’s position. Reward U.S. companies for keeping jobs here.”

  • “Cut taxes aggressively.”

  • “Demand that tariffs be removed on U.S. exported vehicles.”

  • “Don’t let other countries dump products here.”

  • “Enforce floating currency exchange rates! (i.e. China)”

  • “Higher taxes on European and Japanese cars!”

  • “I don’t believe it is a governmental issue. White-collar unions?”

  • “Initiate a value-added tax on services provided outside the U.S.”

  • “Jobs sent overseas are usually the less desirable ones. Higher-profit and more high-tech economy in U.S.”

  • “None. The one-world economy is on the way.”

  • “Provide universal health care to all citizens.”

  • “Return to fair trade – not free trade.”