More Supplier Survey Stories With so many jobs being lost overseas, U.S. auto workers need the UAW now more than ever.

Supplier Comments

  • “UAW is needed so the problem can be discussed above board and solved by all.”

  • “Workers need a voice, although they are going to have to give a little.”

  • “The UAW is forcing companies overseas for cost savings.”

  • “UAW is an impediment to agreements that could save jobs.”

  • “Moving jobs overseas because of the UAW is a big lie.”

OEM Comments

  • “The problem with UAW members is they think everything else should be made overseas so it's cheaper for them to buy.”

  • “Without UAW, the Big 3 would do whatever they wanted.”

  • “There's a fine line between protectionism and competitiveness when it comes to the UAW, and presently the balance is skewed toward protecting jobs.”

  • “The UAW could leverage their influence to curtail the benefits of going overseas. They could be a positive influence.”