CHICAGO – General Motors Corp. and fuels partner Coskata Inc. will announce the location of a new cellulosic ethanol plant tomorrow, Coskata officials here say.

The new plant will produce 40,000 gallons (151,380 L) of the fuel for testing at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds, in Milford, MI.

Asked if the facility would be located in Coskata’s home base of Illinois, an executive says, “We are happy to locate the plant wherever our partner wants to put the plant.”

GM announced in January it was taking an undisclosed equity stake in the biology-based renewable-energy company. The auto maker said it would work with Coskata on rapid commercialization of a unique technology promised to affordably and efficiently produce cellulosic ethanol from almost any renewable source, including wood, garbage, manure, old tires and factory waste, rather than food-based crops such as corn and sugarcane.

The Milford test program is expected to get under way this fall.