Daimler says it will swell its worldwide employment rolls by more than 10,000 workers in 2011.

The count covers some 4,000 new positions in its home market of Germany, the auto maker says.

Daimler is about to begin recruiting efforts to fill the slots, which include 6,700 skilled jobs and 1,900 apprentice positions.

The skilled workers are needed for new or expanded plants in Hungary, India and Mexico, the auto maker says. Some 1,300 jobs need to be filled at its Daimler Trucks North America operations in the U.S.

Daimler says it also needs to recruit 700 engineers and informatics experts, some of whom will work on alternative drive systems, lightweight-vehicle construction, driver-assistance systems and worldwide information technology management. More than half of those positions are in Germany.

Daimler employed 260,100 people worldwide at the end of 2010, including 164,000 in Germany. It added 3,700 people globally and 1,500 in Germany last year.