PARIS – PSA Peugeot Citroen resumes production at its hail-damaged plant in Sochaux, France, with the afternoon shift today.

A spokeswoman says it is not yet decided whether extra shifts can be added to make up the lost production of 3,500 vehicles.

The plant resumed work at its full production rate of about 1,000 vehicles daily.

Hailstones said to be the size of duck eggs shattered the glass roof over the factory’s stamping plant last Wednesday, scattering shards of glass throughout the machinery making parts for the Peugeot 308 sedan, station wagon and coupe-cabriolet; the 3008 minivan; and 5008 cross/utility vehicle.

The latter two are enjoying brisk sales, and some buyers may have to wait longer than expected for their 3008s and 5008s due to the unplanned shutdown.

The hailstones smashed windshields and dented roofs and hoods on many vehicles in eastern France during a 15-minute storm, including cars of the workers on duty.

However, the finished Peugeots in the parking lot awaiting delivery were spared, thanks to a net-like cover over them, designed for that purpose, a PSA spokeswoman says.

Sochaux opened in 1912 and on June 20, 2008, produced its 50 millionth car.