Making its first appearance at Convergence 2000, Diversified Software Industries, a fledgling software company based in Iowa, unveils the In-Vehicle Information System (IVIS), a technology that allows automakers to manage the information flow into a vehicle and limit driver distraction.

IVIS is a paradigm-shifting software technology that provides unique graphical and data management capabilities within embedded systems, Diversified says. It consists of three main components: the application framework, embedded graphic libraries and the Graphical User Interface Development Environment (GUIDE).

Diversified says IVIS replaces traditional dashboards with a LCD panel that is similar to those used in notebook computers. The system utilizes flat-panel displays and integrates with peripheral technologies such as navigation, cell phones, Personal Digital Assistants, radio and vehicle diagnostics.

Diversified says it initially will target IVIS to the automotive market and will ship versions of its software platform for other markets such as PDAs, wireless communicators and digital set-up boxes in the next few months.