Plans to build a 34-story DaimlerChrysler AG tower in Canada to face off against the General Motors Corp. headquarters across the river in Detroit have been downsized.

The proposed $60 million headquarters for DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc. in Windsor, Ont., has been scaled back to the equivalent of 15 stories from original sketches of the tallest skyscraper between Windsor and Toronto unveiled two years ago.

The problem: lack of tenants for Windsor's priciest address. DC Canada will take eight of the 12 floors of office space, the City of Windsor two floors, and two floors will be built for last-minute tenants.

The structure could still grow by as many as 12 stories if the developer can sell enough condominiums to warrant it, bringing the value of the project to $86 million.

Windsor's city council is expected to approve the plan June 12.

A block of riverfront property in Windsor was expropriated and the buildings leveled in anticipation of construction later this year.

Gone are plans for a giant Pentastar atop the tower, the Chrysler brand logo was a casualty of the merger that created DaimlerChrysler AG.