The Chrysler Group appears poised to throw out design cues — such as cab-forward design — and do the once unthinkable: affixing the Jeep brand on less-rugged all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles.

Some future Jeeps could be developed with AWD instead of 4-wheel drive (4WD). While Wrangler will always retain the ability to cross the Rubicon, Chrysler Group Design Chief Trevor Creed says not every Jeep has to pass that test to join the family. Jeep could have four different branches — Wrangler, 4WD Liberty, 4WD Grand Cherokee and more car-like AWD models, Mr. Creed says.

Both the Liberty and Grand Cherokee conquered the Rubicon.

Meanwhile, the Chrysler and Dodge brands are preparing to retire cab-forward styling for the large car family when the next generation bows. The '04 models have been designed from scratch, and Chrysler officials say they are anxious to see public reaction.