Jerry Reynolds, owner of Prestige Ford in Garland, TX, is as patriotic as they come. So when U. S. forces went to Iraq, he took out full-page newspaper ads in the form of personal letters voicing his sentiments and hopes for their safe return.

An Air Force captain, a B-52 radar navigator flying bombing missions over Baghdad, came across one of the letters. Moved, he emailed Reynolds, telling the dealer that “knowing there are people like you out there makes climbing into that old airplane just a little easier.”

He also wrote something else. On a 2,000 pound bomb, he penned, “To Saddam and Friends. Compliments of Jerry Reynolds, Prestige Ford, Garland, TX.” The airman's B-52 dropped the bomb on Baghdad.

“I hope it's the one that got him,” the captain says of the dictator.