A Connecticut auto dealer and his brother flew to and landed in each of the nation's 48 contiguous states during a seven-and-a-half day whirlwind trip that raised money for a dealership employee's ailing daughter.

Brothers Ralph and William Capuano hop-scotched their 300-hp Cherokee plane across the country, leaving them tired, worn thin but “happy to be home,” says William.

Ralph, the president of Capuano Buick Cadillac in Torrington came up with the idea as a way to help cover medical expenses for Darlene Clarke, 25, a mother of two who has leukemia. She is the daughter of the dealership's sales manager, Gary Jones.

Donations are still accepted. See www.flightofamerica.com for that and more about the trip.

The Capuano brothers covered all of the 7,000-mile flight's expenses. The lion's share went for fuel, about $3,500.

So far, the effort has raised about $16,000.

Says Mr. Jones, “The goal is $50,000, but the story didn't go national like we had hoped…

“It's frustrating when a great story like this is there and a lot of people would like to hear it but you can't get it out.”