Car dealership personnel who, for whatever reason, refuse someone a vehicle test drive often get scorned.

Rarely do they get killed.

That's what happened to a salesman at S & J Chevrolet in Cerritos, CA, last month. He was fatally stabbed with a butcher knife after turning down a man's request to drive a Corvette.

Accused is Melchor Macaso, 35. He was refused the test drive because he couldn't produce a driver's license, says Frank D'Agostino, the dealership's general manager.

Macaso allegedly pulled a concealed knife and stabbed the victim repeatedly in the chest before trying to run away. Employees grabbed him. “They restrained him and sat on him” until deputies arrived, Agostino tells the Los Angeles Times.

Agostino believes Macaso planned to steal a vehicle because he was armed when he entered the dealership.