No structural changes come with the new name; nothing is being sold off. However, the six divisions are renamed. Packard Electric becomes Delphi Packard Electric Systems; Delco Chassis becomes Delphi Chassis Systems; Inland Fisher Guide becomes Delphi Interior and Lighting Systems - eliminating the Fisher name from a GM division for the first time since GM bought Fisher Body in 1919; Saginaw becomes Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems; Harrison becomes Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems, and AC Delco Systems becomes Delphi Energy and Engine Management Systems. There is no mention of sister sector Delco Electronics, which many speculated would be part of the growing "Delphi" operation because its electronics are so often included in Delphi systems. There are indications that such a switch was considered and then nixed, at least for now. Delco Electronics currently is a subsidiary of GM Hughes Electronics Corp. Meanwhile, Delphi will hire 1,000 engineers worldwide this year to keep up with the growing demand for new technology. It currently has 8,000 engineers.