United Auto Workers union members at Delphi Corp. plants in the U.S. have voted in favor of accepting concessions, including reduced wages, in order to keep their jobs.

“The ratification vote at GM’s former parts operation is complete, and the agreement was accepted by the membership,” UAW President Ron Gettelfinger and UAW Vice President Cal Rapson say in a statement released today by the union. “The total vote was 68% to accept the agreement, 32% to reject it.”

Breaking the results down, some 65.3% of production workers and 79% of skilled trades members were in favor of the pact, which will give unionized employees with sufficient seniority $35,000 per year over three years following a pay cut from $27 per hour to $18.50.

Workers with less than 10 years of service will receive $10,000 a year over a 3-year period. Benefits of veteran workers also will be cut to match those given new hires.