The Chrysler corporate brand name may not stand alone anymore, but it now has a new museum that does.

The Walter P. Chrysler Museum, adjacent to the DaimlerChrysler Corp. head-quarters in Auburn Hills, MI, pays homage to the brand lineage that began in 1924, as well as to its many associated nameplates - DeSoto, Hudson, Rambler, Nash and AMC.

The 58,000-sq.-ft. museum opens to the public Oct. 5. It will display 75 cars, including recent concepts such as the first Dodge Viper show car and the Atlantic.

The museum will showcase "the American heritage of Chrysler," says director Barry Dressel.

That's another way of saying Mercedes-Benz won't be found in the historical haven. The German marque, now merged with Chrysler, has its own museum in Stuttgart.