The seventh variant of the Chrysler PT Cruiser cross/utility vehicle arrives in showrooms at a time when the quirky retro-ride needs to restore some of the buzz that surrounded its launch in February 2000.

The '04 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser Series 3 is the most expensive PT yet, at $28,810, excluding a $590 destination charge.

The Series 3, which shares its 220-hp powertrain with the PT Turbo, sports a 2-tone blue and silver custom paint job, 17-in. chrome-plated cast-aluminum wheels, blue-tinted glass, and other specialized details.

Production will be limited to fewer than 2,000 units of Dream Cruiser Series 3 — enough to maintain uniqueness but also generate PT Cruiser sales, which according to Ward's data have fallen to 97,290 for 2003 vs. 126,749, year-ago.

In 2001, Chrysler sold 5,500 units of its bright gold Dream Cruiser Series 1. In 2002, the company delivered 2,200 units of Dream Cruiser Series 2, in tangerine orange.

Chrysler unveiled the Dream Cruiser Series 3 in time for the Aug. 16 Woodward Dream Cruise in suburban Detroit, which went on in spite of the blackout of 2003.