It started out as a small contract held by a company Teleflex Automotive acquired in 1997.

Teleflex, a supplier of automotive cables and shifter control systems, wanted Comcorp Technologies of Warren, MI, for its expertise in "drive by wire" electronic throttle controls. Today, that small contract for adjustable pedals on some Ford Expeditions has blossomed into much more.

Besides being offered as standard on up-market Ford Motor Co. models such as the Lincoln Navigator and Mercury Sable, 70% of Taurus buyers are ordering their vehicles with the adjustable pedal option.

Teleflex adjustable pedals are or will soon be available on Ford F150 pickups, Windstar minivans and Explorer and Excursion SUVs. DaimlerChrysler has announced it soon will offer adjustable pedals on a major platform, and those are believed to be Teleflex units.