Call an optometrist or perhaps a coroner! The Eagle Vision is going blind and it might be a symptom of something more serious. Only 3,367 Visions were sold in `96's second quarter, compared with a feeble 6,000 purchased in the same period a year ago. Take a look at calendar-year numbers and the sight fades and the pulse weakens even more. For the year, sales have dropped 51.4%, from 15,071 to 7,330. Model-year figures don't offer a strong prognosis for a lasting recovery. My Vision sales have gone from 22,594 at this point last year to a scant 11,570 this year. When you consider that Vision's Dodge Intrepid platform mate is the best-selling model in the large-car segment, it might not be long before Dr. Eaton pulls the sheet over the patient's face. Are they practicing Taps out behind the Auburn Hills CTC?