Earlier than expected, the Chrysler Group will introduce a pair of concept vehicles from its family of “Millennials” — so named for the young, first-time buyers they are designed to appeal to — a top official tells WAW.

The Millenials, unwrapped in Detroit in January, include the M80 Dodge pickup concept from a shortened Dakota pickup platform; the Jeep Willys2 (a glimpse into where Wrangler is headed); Jeep Compass, essentially a 2-door Liberty and easily produced in the same Toledo, OH, plant; and the rear-wheel-drive Dodge Razor sports car. They were designed to appeal to 12- to 24-year-olds and to be produced with sticker prices under $15,000.

Chrysler senior officials met in late March and decided to pull two of the Millenials ahead in the product plan. One official declines to confirm the chosen ones, but says, “the M80 has a good business case.”