If you need evidence that revered sports-car maker Porsche AG really doesn't want to be in the sport/utility vehicle (SUV) business, then curb your gag reflex before we repeat the 2002 vehicle's name, reportedly teased out of Chairman Wendelin Wiedeking in a German magazine interview: Cayenne. The seemingly ludicrous name clearly signals what the independent maker of serious sports cars really thinks about its potential buyers. You can envision a mega-Deutschemark German marketing-meister conjuring the name, secure in the knowledge that "cayenne" is synonomous with "sassy" and "happening" for insipid suburban American 'ute-buyers. Hey, now that we've had time to reflect, maybe Porsche's more perceptive than we thought ... At any rate, WAW's now tracking more details of the long-anticipated Porsche SUV, including specs about its high-tech "fajita" all-wheel drive system, linked to a top-secret transmission: the so-called "chalupa" gearbox.