eBay Motors has sold its two millionth passenger vehicle in the U.S., a ‘05 Jeep Liberty purchased by first-time eBay Motors buyer Kelly Joyce of Charleston, SC, from Century Motors of Pompano Beach, FL.

“Only six years ago, the thought of going online and buying a car you've never seen — from a seller you've never met — was an unfamiliar concept to most people,” says Rob Chesney, senior director of eBay Motors.

Since then, there has been “a fundamental shift in car-purchase behavior,” he says.

Joyce had never thought about going online to find a car, until an accident totaled her previous vehicle. She says she needed to find a reasonably priced car fast. On eBay, she found the Liberty listed by Century Motors at $3,000 under the Kelly Blue Book suggested retail value.

Century Motors owners Frank and Gina Fuzy originally were skeptical that people would actually buy a car online. They listed Century' first car only after a friend convinced them to try it. Now online selling is a big part of their business.