RepairPal, an online provider of auto repair and maintenance information, debuts what it touts as an enhanced price guide.

It offers complete pricing information for scheduled maintenance services for the top 40 makes of cars, including the additional services that mechanics and manufacturers most frequently recommend.

It is designed to help consumers determine how much they should pay for a regular automotive service, including parts and labor.

Auto makers provide several different vehicle maintenance schedules. Those range from normal-use schedules to those taking into account adverse conditions.

Consequently, mechanics often recommend additional services that make standard estimates hard to establish.

These extra services usually are based on individual driving habits, geography (severe weather conditions can shorten the life span of parts) and special uses, such as towing trailers. Those factors can greatly affect the final price of a regular maintenance visit.

“We spent 14 months conducting research and employed sophisticated database modeling to develop our scheduled maintenance estimates,” says RepairPal CEO David Sturtz.

“We also consulted with our many experts to determine the other services that are typically recommended at each mileage interval under various conditions,” he says. “The result of our efforts is a free, accurate and user-tailored product that's unique within the industry.”

The new estimator is on

RepairPal provides scheduled maintenance estimates for more than 6,000 vehicles under coverage and includes maintenance intervals up to 150,000 miles.