Ferrari SpA will unveil its replacement for the 456 in Detroit in January. There had been speculation the car would be shown first at the Frankfurt or Tokyo auto shows, but Ferrari has decided to make its splash in North America instead.

Styling for the new 2+2 model, likely to be called the Ferrari 460, was performed by Italian design house Pininfarina SpA, the first coachbuilder to pen a 2+2 for Ferrari when it created the 250 GT in 1960.

The new model will boast an all-aluminum body, progressively styled but still expected to keep the Ferrari faithful happy. One key design feature: fixed headlamps that replace traditional Ferrari popup lights.

The 460 will be bigger overall than the 456 model it replaces, and that should be apparent inside as well as outside the cabin. The new model is expected to be priced below £200,000 ($226,000).