Automakers have relied on ultra durable Photo-Sonics cameras mounted on crash sleds and in test vehicles for years to provide data for development crash testing and government testing .

The company displayed its latest innovation on Monday at SAE 2001. The Phantom V high-speed color digital camera captures a 1024X1024 image at 10,000 frames per second.

Photo-Sonics spokesman Graham Jones says the 1024X1024 resolution is the most precise resolution in the industry.

Linked with partners Vision Research and Image Systems, Photo-Sonics provides a complete hardware system to gather the visual data and link it to analytical software for crash analysis.

At lower resolutions, the frame rates can be increased to as high as 60,000 per second with the new device.

The group says the system will allow as many as 64 cameras to be chained to a single event through a single controller.

The company also has provided specialized film and testing equipment to a wide rage of clients over the last 72 years, ranging from the military to Hollywood.