The Lexus GX 460 SUV earns Consumer Reports’ approval now that it has received a software upgrade to its stability control system.

The magazine today says it has lifted the “Don’t Buy: Safety Risk” designation slapped on the GX last month after the SUV’s rear slid out further than expected in a turn during testing.

“CR considers this a safety risk because in a real-world situation this could cause a rear tire to strike a curb or slide off of the pavement, possibly causing the vehicle to roll over,” the magazine says in a statement.

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc.’s Lexus Div., after replicating the magazine’s test results, recalled the GX, specifying an upgrade was needed of its stability-control software.

Consumer Reports says new tests of a fixed GX show it understeered rather than oversteered in the same turn.

However, the magazine still finds the SUV “ponderous and ungainly, as is common with traditional body-on-frame SUVs.”

Lexus’ U.S. chief Mark Templin said earlier this week all current GX 460 owners have been contacted by Lexus and, as of May 3, 75% of the 9,400 SUVs recalled had received the software fix.