Ford Motor Co. of Australia Ltd. is cutting the spending on Ford teams in the country’s iconic V8 Supercars motor racing series due to falling sales of its best-selling model, the Falcon.

Ford President Tom Gorman says the company will be reducing financial support for teams and drivers to reflect the changing balance of the auto maker’s product portfolio.

“We are committed to motor sport, but I’m not sure we will be committed at the same levels that we have been,” he tells reporters.

Ford has spent millions of dollars over the last five years helping Falcon teams become competitive with GM Holden Ltd.’s Commodore teams.

“We put a lot of pressure on our employees to perform,” Gorman says. “We put a lot of pressure on our suppliers to perform. We put a lot of pressure on our dealers to perform.

“Racing should be treated the same way. Teams that don’t perform are not going to be rewarded to the same level, and the same with drivers. If you don’t do well, maybe there won’t be as much love as there used to be.”

Gorman says all contracts will be honored, but there may be changes when contract renewal comes around.

Ford’s February sales fell 12.6% to 9,110 units from year-ago’s 10,426. February and January deliveries, combined, were down 7% to 16,611 units, compared with 17,861 units in like-2006.

The auto maker is languishing in third place, well behind Toyota Motor Corp. Australia Ltd.’s 34,840 units and GM Holden’s 24,341.