Ford Motor Co. extends its service-parts limited warranty on both new and remanufactured gasoline engines and transmission assemblies from three years, 75,000 miles (121,000 km) to three years, 100,000 miles (161,000 km).

“This warranty enhancement not only matches the terms of competitive auto makers in the aftermarket industry, but it exceeds their coverage in a significant way,” Steve Lopez, transmission product marketing manager, says in a statement. “Ford has no restrictions on the application of the vehicle, whether it is a private use, commercial application or municipality.”

The new warranty terms apply only to gas engines and transmission assemblies sold on or after April 1, Ford says.

Coverage on Ford and Motorcraft remanufactured transmissions and gasoline engines begins on the date of the vehicle sale from Ford, Lincoln or Mercury dealership or the factory-authorized powertrain distributor. New assemblies must be registered with Ford in order to obtain full coverage.

The warranty upgrade does not affect the auto maker’s diesel engine warranty, which remains two years, with unlimited miles.

The upgraded coverage will not result in a price increase on assemblies, Ford says.