Ford of Europe launches its largest marketing campaign of the year in support of the all-new Ford Mondeo.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a television spot dubbed “Desire,” which was filmed in 30 locations in and around London, Ford says.

The ad, which debuted this week on the U.K.’s Sky Sports HD channel during half time of the UEFA Champions League Final, features cars tethered to balloons floating among some of London’s more notable landmarks, such as Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge.

Ford says the ad suggests their owners discarded the vehicles once they saw the new Mondeo.

A number of special effects were used to create the spot, Ford says, and some of the cars actually took flight. The lightest car, which weighs less than 11 lbs. (5 kg), can float unsupported when filled with helium. Other cars used in the shoot were made out of lightweight carbon fiber.

The creation of the ad required 300-400 crew and cast, 1,400 balloons, 21,189 cu.-ft. (600 cu.-m) of helium and 76,000 ft. (23,165 m) of film, Ford says.

The new Mondeo hits showrooms throughout Europe at the end of June.