Ford is recalling 51,700 '95 Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis vehicles (of which 21,100 are in Canada) to inspect and reposition improperly installed circuit breakers that could lead to a short or overload, causing the headlamps to shut off unexpectedly. Ford also is pulling over 62,800 '93-'94 Crown Victoria police vehicles to inspect and tighten the control arm attachments and repair any cracked frame brackets. Some of the bolts that attach the right and left upper control arm brackets mounted on the vehicle frame may loosen and affect steering. Ford of Canada is recalling 248 vehicles sold in Canada due to faulty ignition switches that short-circuit and ignite. Models affected include the '89-'90 Escort, '89-'91 Mustang, '90-'91 Thunderbird/Cougar, '88-'89 Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis, '89 Town Car, '89-'91 Aerostar, '90 Bronco and '90 F-Series pickup.