Special Coverage

2011 Chicago Auto Show

CHICAGO – Ford is kicking off a new online promotion for its redesigned Explorer SUV that asks consumers to suggest how they would use an Explorer to create their own unique adventure.

The “Go. Do. Adventures” promotion involves answering a simple question: If you had a Ford Explorer for a week, what would you do and where would you go?

“We want people to get out there and experience their environment with friends and family in a fresh new way, and the new Explorer is the best vehicle to do it in,” Jim Farley, Ford group vice president-global marketing, says at a Midwest Automotive Media Assn. breakfast in conjunction with media days at the Chicago Auto Show.

“Ford has reinvented the Explorer, and with this new campaign we’re inviting consumers to be just as inventive by coming up with their ultimate adventure.”

Consumers can submit their ideas via essays, photos and videos through Facebook or other websites, including ford.com. Ford will select the most unique responses to be brought to life with the all-new Explorer.

Consumers are asked to showcase both key product features and unique American locations and attractions in their submissions. Those people whose ideas are selected will be able to live out their dream adventure, courtesy of an all-new Explorer. All of the action will be captured and documented through the Explorer Facebook page.

“This provides a platform for a larger audience to experience Explorer,” says Eric Peterson, Explorer communications manager. “We started the conversation by revealing Explorer on Facebook and are continuing to advance that dialogue online.

“We have actively answered our fans’ questions, but now we have an opportunity to create advocates and show how Explorer can enable you to do the things you always dreamed of.”

Farley says Ford will select the most compelling stories to film. The short films will be distributed online and through traditional media. Ultimately, the content will be developed into a 1-hour TV special.