Ford Motor Co.’s plan to thin its white-collar ranks through buyout packages has exceeded internal targets in one or two departments, reportedly causing the troubled auto maker to rescind offers in some cases.

Monday marked the deadline for salaried workers to accept a buyout package and voluntarily leave the company. As part of its ongoing Way Forward North American restructuring strategy, Ford is seeking to reduce its white-collar headcount by some 10,000 workers.

Citing a person familiar with the situation, The Associated Press says that in one or two departments workers who have opted for the buyout packages have been told the offer is no longer on the table because too many workers have decided to leave.

A Ford spokeswoman says the packages were not guaranteed, and from the beginning the auto maker had reserved the right to rescind the offers.

“If there were more acceptances than an organization was able to accommodate, then there would be certain criteria applied to determine who would be able to take it and who wouldn’t,” she says.

The spokeswoman declines to say how many have agreed to buyouts, but does say those who have accepted a package that was approved by the company would leave by the end of February.

Official numbers of those who took salaried buyouts will be made public sometime in April, she says.

Furthermore, if too few workers sign up for the buyouts in some departments there could be “involuntary” separations, the spokeswoman says.