Unlike General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. is not considering a move to make antilock brakes optional on a greater percentage of its vehicles. But Ford is studying the strategy proposed by Bob Lutz, GM's vice chairman-product development (see column, p. 52). WAW broke the story last month about GM's ABS strategy (April '02, p. 7).

Nick Scheele, Ford's president and chief operating officer, says the No.2 auto maker closely examined the issue many years ago and “decided that we would go standard.” Currently, Ford is monitoring GM's ABS strategy “vehicle line by vehicle line,” Scheele says. “I'd hate to predict that will influence what we do,” he adds. “We will be influenced by what our customers tell us they value.”

GM says it expects 70% of the '03 cars and trucks it sells to have ABS, despite fewer models offering it as standard.