Ford Motor Co. will offer a Red Stripe Appearance package for the ’07 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 beginning in May.

The limited-edition package includes unique exterior striping and badges, red and black leather seats, floor mats with the “Cobra Snake” logo, special interior trim and a branded Shelby GT500 car cover.

The package will be available only on the GT500 coupe with either white or black exterior paint and will be priced at $1,650. It will be available from early May through late June, marking the end of the ’07 model run, Ford says.

Meanwhile, in a recent Global Quality Research System study from the research company, RDA Group, the Shelby GT500 was praised as the highest-quality Mustang model, with the fewest “things gone wrong” in the first three months of ownership, Ford says.

The GT500 scored above the segment average in quality and topped the sports-car segment, Ford says.

“The unmatched quality and power of the latest Mustang masterpiece explains why nine out of 10 owners are completely satisfied with their overall ownership experience,” the study says.