Ford Motor Co.'s plan to reopen an Ohio engine plant is the first in a series of moves to overhaul it's powertrain products and operations, WAW has learned.

By late 2003, Ford says it will be building all-aluminum 2.5L and 3L Duratec V-6s at the mothballed Cleveland Engine Plant #1 (CEP1) in Brook Park, OH. But in a currently vacant portion of the same plant, Ford will unveil an all-new 3.5L V-6 before 2008, a source says.

And while Ford and the United Auto Workers union insist there is no firm commitment to build a new product at the automaker's Lima, OH, plant, rumors to the contrary persist. A source tells WAW that Ford will build a new V-6 there bearing the brand name Cyclone.

In addition, a Ford official confirms a V-6 or V-8 diesel is destined for the automaker's storied Dagenham, U.K., plant. Sources tell WAW the new diesel will be a 2.7L V-6 Duratorq for use in light commercial applications.