Ford Motor Co. will trumpet the skyrocketing residual value of its vehicles with an aggressive marketing campaign, a senior executive says.

According to the Automotive Lease Guide’s latest Perceived Quality Score survey, Ford was the most improved brand, showing a 7.6% improvement since fall 2009.

The average residual value of a Ford vehicle improved $2,420 compared with year-ago, according to ALG. The industry-wide average increase was $615.

“Resale value is absolutely central to explaining to customers that Ford represents the best value in the market, and we expect to leverage (that message) extensively,” Jim Farley, group vice president-global marketing, says today in a conference call with reporters.

ALG attributes Ford’s gain in residual value to three factors: improved vehicle quality and well-received new products; avoiding bankruptcy and emergency taxpayer-backed financing, unlike its domestic competitors; and limiting incentive spending and sales to daily rental fleets.

Farley says Ford will begin driving home this message this summer by providing ammunition to its dealers.

“We are updating all of our dealer-education material and our point-of-sale material, especially on (Ford) Fusion,” he says. “We’re going to have a real large training event in the third-quarter around the ’11 Fusion, and that will include the resale message as a key point.”

The Fusion is a particularly important vehicle to Ford, Farley says. “As Fusion goes, so does the company’s reputation,” he adds.

And with every advertising dollar spent to promote the Fusion “the brand health gets better,” he says.

Through April, Fusion sales are up 50.4% vs. year-ago to 70,382 units, according to Ward’s data.