Ford Motor Co. is set to rev up the New York Auto Show with a race-ready GT-R concept off the ’05 Mustang platform.

Ford turned to part of its GT super car “Dream Team,” Saleen Special Vehicles in Troy, MI, to build the GT-R. Saleen is making portions of the GT and painting body panels.

In addition to its long history modifying pony cars for sale through Ford dealers, Saleen lends the GT-R development team racing experience – it sponsors several racing teams and builds cars for the track.

Ford Mustang GT-R concept

The GT-R – released as part of the Mustang’s 40th anniversary celebration that officially kicks off April 15 – is designed to be an easy-to-replicate blueprint for street racers, many of which modify current-generation Mustangs to compete in American racing series such as Sports Car Club of America’s Trans-Am and GrandAm Cup events and the American LeMans series.

A spokesman tells Ward’s that although the GT-R is strictly a concept, it does include design features that could show up on future Mustang derivatives, such as suspension setups.

Conceivably, a vehicle much like the GT-R could be created by street racers for competition purposes for as little as $40,000, Ford says.

The GT-R utilizes 85% of the ’05 Mustang’s architecture, but is 30% stiffer. The concept employs the SVT Mustang Cobra’s forged crankshaft and a variety of other components that are available in specialty racing parts catalogs.

The $15,000 “Cammer” crate engine is pulled from the Ford Racing Performance Parts Catalog and can be tuned to produce as much as 505 hp. In the GT-R, the Cammer is tuned to churn out 440 hp.

The concept utilizes carbon fiber extensively. The hood, instrument panel, front side splitters, rear wing and rear diffuser are made from the material, which often shows up on racecars to reduce weight and increase rigidity.