DaimlerChrysler Truck Group will launch its globally standardized heavy-duty engine platform at Freightliner LLC in 2007.

But Freightliner’s sister brands also will benefit as the truck maker commits to greater technology sharing as a hedge against profit erosion.

Annual production is forecast at 200,000 units, 52% of which will debut in North American Freightliner products. Mercedes-Benz Trucks will get 40% of production for Latin America and Europe, while Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. will receive 8% for sale in Japan.

Similar engine platforms are being developed for light- and medium-duty applications.

Cross-brand product development is a cornerstone of the group’s strategy to achieve a 7% return on sales and a 30% return on net assets.

DC Truck Group, which also features the Western Star and Sterling brands, posted a €556 million ($713 million) third-quarter profit, a 57% hike vs. like-2005’s €354 million ($454 million).