VIENNA – China CAD Automobile Deutschland GmbH, a German importer of Chinese-made SUVs, plans to market some Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. models under the new brand of Dragon.

China CAD Automobile Deutschland will launch Dragon sales in Germany in mid- to late-November. Rollout of the brand to other Western and Eastern European countries is planned, but timing is unclear.

Three Chery models are to be offered initially.

The Dragon City, a rebadged Chery A1, will be priced at E8,999 ($11,666) in Germany. The Dragon Liner, or Chery V5 multipurpose vehicle, will base at E24,900 ($32,279). The Dragon Grand Ufo SUV, known as the Chery Tiggo 3 in China and elsewhere, will start at E19,900 ($25,797).

In addition, the German importer will use the Dragon name for SUVs it currently sources from other Chinese auto makers. Those models include the Gonow GX6, Jonway Ufo and Shuanghuan CEO.

China CAD Automobile Deutschland will expand the Dragon lineup with additional Chinese-made vehicles next year, CEO Karl Schloessl says.

Some of the Dragon vehicles are to be sourced from Ukraine, where ZAO ZAZ assembles several Chery models.

In Europe, Chery cars are sold mainly in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey under the auto maker’s own brand.

It is not the first time that Chery cars will be sold under another brand.

Russia’s OOO Taganrogsky Avtomobilny Zavod (TagAZ) this summer launched assembly of the Chery A5 sedan, renamed the Vortex Estina for the local market. In Egypt, Chery cars are sold under the Speranza brand.