Mexico’s total light-vehicle output in May fell 43.9% from year-ago to 103,148, as troubled U.S. auto makers General Motors Corp. and Chrysler de Mexico LLC made dramatic cuts to their production schedules.

GM ceased nearly all output from its Mexico operations as it prepared for its June 1 Chapter 11 filing, while Chrysler de Mexico LLC suffered a complete shutdown after its parent entered bankruptcy April 30. The Mexican operations of GM and Chrysler were excluded from the filings of their respective parents.

Mexico’s May export production was off 42.4%, while domestic builds slid 49.4%.

The Detroit Three auto makers’ output declined 58.1%, with General Motors de Mexico S.A. de C.V. builds plummeting 48.0% to 19,297, and Ford Motor Co. S.A. de C.V. production falling 34.1% to 20,904.

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Japanese auto makers also saw build rates decline, although to a much lesser degree. Toyota Motor Mfg. de Baja California fared the worst, with production sliding 45.3% to 2,284 units. Nissan Mexicana S.A. de C.V.’s assemblies were down 30.6% to 27,933, while Honda de Mexico S.A. de C.V.’s production plunged 8.7% vs. year-ago to 3,831. Mexico’s new-car sales slipped 29.7% in May vs. like-2008 to 30,063, while light-truck demand slid 33.6% to 23,150.

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Overall, the Detroit Three auto makers recorded 9,166 unit sales for a 30.3% shortfall. As recently as November, the trio of U.S. domestic auto makers posted a new-car sales tally of 13,678 units. All three auto makers saw car deliveries plummet. GM’s sales were off 48.4% to 6,024, Ford deliveries fell 45.0% to 1,555, while Chrysler’s tally of 1,587 missed its year-ago mark by 47.4%.

Asian auto makers also endured a tough May, as Honda car deliveries fell 40.1% and Nissan sales slipped 43.0%. Toyota and Mazda Motor de Mexico saw car sales decrease 38.3% and 43.4%, respectively.

Nearly every car model experienced a sales decline in May. The Nissan Maxima was among the few exceptions – its delivery total of 23 units almost tripled the model’s year-ago tally. Meanwhile, Acura TL sales more than doubled to 45.

In the light-truck sector, each of the Detroit Three suffered declines. GM’s sales fell 35.0% to 4,170 units, while Chrysler and Ford saw slumps of 38.5% and 27.2%, respectively. Asian auto makers delivered 7,809 light trucks in May for a combined 39.2% decline, with all companies posting sales-volume decreases. European auto makers’ light-truck sales were up a modest 0.4% to 2,001 units, largely on the performance of Audi, which saw light-truck deliveries more than double to 120.